Monday, January 10, 2022

Production Anxiety: What is your team actually delivering?

The way in which the best companies in the world are delivering product experiences is changing. Gone are the days of the singular, engineering driven deploy pipeline. Now a proliferation of CMS, 3rd party integrations, a/b testing, feature management and no-code tools have meant that inputs into the final user experience exist throughout an organization. 

Many parts of this new model are for the better, team members are empowered to own their respective parts of experience and can efficiently make changes and adjustments quickly and without burning expensive engineering cycles. 

Simultaneously however, we have seen the rise of “production anxiety”, that feeling that permeates an organization that team members don’t really know what’s on production or more importantly what experience their customers are receiving.

Context is on a mission to help teams deliver exceptional user experiences, make better decisions and move quickly and confidently. We do this by bringing entire teams close to the real experience, not what was on staging or in Figma but the pixels and performance that the customer actually experienced. We want to help teams move quickly towards achieving their goals all the while reducing their anxiety and delayed decisions caused by the disconnect we all too often see. 

Context not only helps you understand where you are, but where you have been. With our UX snapshotting on your experience you can help debug issues, understand decision making and never have another product manager ask you “how did we get here?”. We believe there is value in the journey of your product and want to help you and your team unlock that. 

We are just getting started but hope you join us on this journey. If you are reading this you are likely a product person as passionate as we are about what you do and we would greatly appreciate your input and feedback. 

Berna & Team